4 Things You Should Consider Before Buying Legal Leads Online

When used correctly, leads can be a great way to generate business for you as a lawyer or practice. The thing is that not all lead providers are equal,...

Fun facts about pets you need to know!

Well, let's know about some interesting facts about pets! As much fun they can be, pets have some fascinating facts that make them even more amusing! And no matter...

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What You Should Know About Online Insurance Quotes

Millions of people change jobs or otherwise find themselves needing new alternatives for health insurance each year. In the US alone, roughly 30 million...

4 Things You Should Consider Before Buying Legal Leads Online

When used correctly, leads can be a great way to generate business for you as a lawyer or practice. The thing is that not...






What You Should Know About Online Insurance Quotes

Millions of people change jobs or otherwise find themselves needing new alternatives for health insurance each year. In the US alone, roughly 30 million people each year leave occupations that directly provide private healthcare insurance. In addition, millions more make changes to their Medicare supplemental plans that require careful consideration in terms of both coverage and price. Furthermore, millions more shop around each year for insurance coverage for their homes, automobiles, and businesses. Needless to say, the demand for immediate cost and coverage estimates is massive. Virtually every major insurance provider offers online insurance quotes, but how accurate are these estimates? More importantly: what should you know about them? Let’s unearth the details about online insurance quotes and what anybody should know beforehand to get the best insurance quotes online. What Factors Are Considered in Online Insurance Quotes? In just a couple of minutes, most people can easily fetch an online insurance quote – whether that be for auto insurance, health insurance or one of the many other common types of insurance. The criteria will vary from type to type, but here are the primary factors considered: • For auto insurance, age, gender, marital status, recent traffic tickets or violations, whether you own the vehicle outright or are currently paying for it, neighborhood where the vehicle is parked and the vehicle type itself all have an impact. • For health insurance, age, location, tobacco use, and whether you have any of a limited number of health conditions (such as end-stage renal disease) can impact the overall quote. • For home insurance, there are a number of details that can impact the quote. Among these, proximity to a fire station, whether you live in a flood plain, additional renovations (such as swimming pools), marital status, homeownership status and credit history can all play a role in the price quoted. • For life insurance, there are a few factors. Age, tobacco use, gender, family medical history, current health status, and driving record may all be asked when furnishing an instant online life insurance quote (click here to learn what to expect when applying for life insurance). How Accurate Are Online Insurance Quotes? Different insurance companies may ask for different types of information in an online quote. Some agencies wish to ask for minimal information in order to ensure completion of the quote: this provides the company with leads and the ability to reach out to consumers directly. Others ask for more detailed information (as mentioned above), which allows for a more refined estimate. Usually, an online quote that only asks for your date of birth, location, and gender will have a wider variance in actual costs than one that asks for more detailed information. Do Online Insurance Quotes Require a Commitment? Other than providing a name, various personal details, and an email address or telephone number, there is no obligation to act upon anything when receiving a quote. Many insurance companies will continue to pepper you with emails, phone calls and/or traditional mail for months or even years after you request an online quote, but no commitment of action is required on your part (registering on the national Do Not Call Registry can help reduce unwanted insurance calls). Generally, online insurance quotes are a quick and easy way to obtain general estimates for the cost of insurance – regardless of type. While you will be required to provide some personal info, most online quote systems are more efficient than calling an agent or meeting with an insurance salesperson face-to-face.

4 Things You Should Consider Before Buying Legal Leads Online

When used correctly, leads can be a great way to generate business for you as a lawyer or practice. The thing is that not all lead providers are equal, and what a lead means for one service may mean a completely different thing to another. Choosing the wrong lead supplier can lead to unresponsive and unfocused leads. But, if you find a great supplier, you could find exactly the type of client you wanted down to the last detail. Let’s take a look at what you should be looking for when buying legal leads online.

Where do the Leads Come From?

This is a very important question. You ideally want to work with someone who can supply leads from their own online real estate. You also want to know what this real estate looks like. Is it a simple form prompting people to fill in their contact information or complete professional looking websites with valuable information? The better the source, the more targeted the leads will be. Someone who’s spent hours reading about family law before filling a form will make for a much stronger lead than someone who just landed on a lead page and simply wanted to have a few questions answered. So, try to go for those who have a solid website or a few pieces of valuable online real estate generating leads for them. You also want to make sure that they’re not reselling leads from a third party or a group of affiliates.

What About their Track Record?

Another thing you want to do when buying leads online is get more information about the service in question. How long have they been in the business and what does the conversion rate look like on their leads? Ideally, you want to go with a firm that can give you a 10% conversion rate or more. You also want to look at reviews and try to find out if you can contact some of their previous clients.

Are Leads Delivered in Real-Time?

You don’t want to buy stale leads from a provider. You want to work with a firm or service that will send them as soon as a prospect has filled in a form. It was found that people tend to be more reactive when they’re contacted within the first 10 minutes of filling in a form, so time is of the essence here.

What’s Their Specialty?

You have multiple choices when buying leads from a company. You can go with a specialized team, or one that can get you leads for many law specialties. These might be your best option if you offer a wide variety of services. Specialists are also good, but there’s no guarantee that their leads will be better.


These are all things you’ll need to take into consideration when buying leads from any service online. Make sure to keep these in mind and only go for a trial once you’ve identified a candidate that ticks all the right boxes.  

Fun facts about pets you need to know!

Well, let’s know about some interesting facts about pets! As much fun they can be, pets have some fascinating facts that make them even more amusing! And no matter how seasoned a pet-keeper you are, you won’t know quite a lot of these! Read on to improve your knowledge about pets!
  1. Cats can jump seven times their own height! And the best part? No matter where they jump from, they’ll always soft-land!
  2. There are about 78 million pet dogs currently residing in the United States!
  3. Larger parrots, such as macaws and cockatoos live more than 75 years! Fierce competition for the seniors in the house!
  4. Dogs can see a few colors too – blue, yellow, gray and green are the few colors which dogs can identify.
  5. He mental ability and capacity of most dogs is that of a two-year-old – no wonder they need to be tended to just like kids!
  6. Ferrets are the third most preferred pet animals in the United States.
  7. Just like us, cows too, have best friends! Moo-ing along together!
  8. Squirrels plant thousands of trees in their entire lifetime, guess how? By forgetting where they left the nuts, they had hidden some time back!
  9. Most of the hamsters blink only one eye at a time – a reason to keep a close watch on what your hamster is doing!
  10. Cats have five toes on each front paw and only four on each back paw respectively.
  11. A pack of kittens is called a ‘kindler’! And guess what a pack of adult cats is called? A clouder! Not a pack or anything!
  12. Just like humans, dogs too, opt for their preferred paw to do their tasks – either right or left.
  13. Dalmatians are born spotless, as white as snow – they develop the spots as they grow older!
  14. While playing together, male puppies will allow the female puppies to win – even if they are stronger them! Chivalrous little young men!
  15. Cats have a much better memory retention capacity than dogs – they can remember things for 16 hours as compared to the 5 minutes that dogs can!
  16. Goldfish – if well-taken care of and tended to can survive up to a whopping 40 years!
  17. Any given bird’s heart beats 400 times per minute when it is resting.
There you go – 17 interesting facts about the animals you pet!

Dancing Robots So Sweet!

That being said, most robots are either really clumsy or highly specialized to their task (and a little boring). The largest problem in robotics is the attempt to mimic human movement and behavior while controlling so many degrees of freedom in the joints and maintaining balance. Imagine this, the face has more than 22 muscles per side. Legs, feet, arms and hands have many more than that. If you are a robot brain you’d have to control each movement of each movable part…and keep your balance by predicting how each movement will change the balance of the robot! But that’s what makes this video of Sony’s QRIO robot all the more fascinating. The robots are dancing…and very human like too! You really have to watch the whole thing.

Red Light Avenger

Another traffic light turned red in front of me. This was the fourth light in less than a mile that I would now be forced to wait at, my foot unable to pump the gas pedal, my engine and I making the same grumbling noise as we both sat and fumed. I squashed my head tightly back into the headrest, and closed my eyes, attempting to squeeze my frustration out through my ears, where it would vaporize into the air, and streak harmlessly on the windows in the car. I hate traffic lights because they all turn red when I approach them. Always. Every stinking time. Everyone laughs at me when I tell them that. I get all sorts of advice: Hit the gas quicker when you start. (Didn’t work.) Go right at the speed limit, because the lights are all timed to stay green at the speed limit. (Bull crap.) Hit the gas slower when you start. (Strike three.) Then they all get in the car and drive with me, and they are simply shocked that I was actually telling the truth. “You’re right,” they would admit afterwards. “It’s every light!” I usually smack the back of their heads at this point. Today, though, I had crashed head on into my red light limit. I opened my eyes, and thought for all the world the red light was smirking at me. The sensor next to it looked too much like a middle finger, which it was waving too gleefully at me. At that moment, something in me snapped as violently as a thrown rod in an engine.

Reasons For Staying Fit Such As Staying Healthy


Fitness has been a focus of mine this year. Other than the obvious reasons for staying fit such as staying healthy, having more energy, and to look good, I have a couple of goals that are motivating me in my quest to be fit. I hope to test for a First Degree Black Belt In ATA TaeKwonDo before March of next year and I need to be in great shape to pass that test, and to keep up when we spar and grapple. I also plan on doing my first sprint Triathlon this summer which will require endurance. There are a couple of things I have been doing lately to stay in shape: cycling, swimming, running, and going to TaeKwonDo class really have helped, but I have found a new form of exercise I am really excited about: Kettlebells. Kettlebells are cast iron balls with handles. They have been used by the Russians for hundreds of years to stay in shape and they have been gaining popularity here in the US in the last couple of years. Kettlebell workouts are total-body workouts that increase strength, endurance, while challenging both the muscular and cardiovascular system. Here is a video that shows some of the many exercises that can be done with kettlebells. Kettlebells come in many diferent sizes. The sizes are measured in an old russian unit of measure called a pood. One pood is equal to 36 pounds or 16kg. That is the kettlebell weight that most people start with. As they increase their skill and depending on the exercise, you can use other weights anywhere from 8 pounds to 97 pounds.

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A question for evolution

According to wikipedia, the first modern human in the evolutionary chain, homo sapiens, arose about 250,000 years ago. The article states that there is very little variation in genetic material between homo sapiens as compared to many other animals. This gives us reason to believe that homo sapiens has changed very little in the last 250,000 years. According to this article, the first culture sprung up in China about 9,000 years ago and a mere 5,000 years ago the Sumerians invented writing.

Adds A Certain Perspective That Helps

Besides cleansing my life of the superfluous, I’ve been exceptionally productive. Church this morning, saying more goodbyes, lunch at a local favorite, a spin class, closet packing, and what is sure to be the highlight of my life until my fiance gets here in four days … the special features of my latest Netflix masterpiece: Everything you need to know about Beverly Hills 90210 Season 3. While it’s true that I sat on my couch this night, eating chocolate chips (hey, I have to get rid of my perishable food items) and watching the old 90210 gang celebrate as the class of ’93, I had no idea that the special features would entertain me so. What’s better than watching Donna Martin eat pastries in France, or seeing her friends insure that she graduates? What’s more titillating than the love triangle between Dylan, Kelly and Brenda? What’s more attractive than David’s parachute pants or his vanilla ice moves? The behind the scenes look, with directors making fun of the characters and plot line. That’s what. And that is all I have to say, because like my packed boxes, I’m cutting out the nonsense and leaving only the imperative.