Top 20 of SY1

Top 17 Posts of S!Y1 (Scroggles! Year 1)

Wednesday, September 10th, 2008 | Top 20 of SY1 | No Comments

In our first year of writing, blogging, scripting and journaling we've had quite a few wonderful posts.  From technical discussions of Hebrew, to predictions on the next Ice Age and even a short story trilogy, Scroggles! has really grown with over 500 posts.  We've had posts which have achieved more than 1000 unique views, and even the occasional world renowned blogger stop by and comment (Here's looking at you Seth Godin).  In all our traffic has grown from a few hundred page hits per month, to a few thousand per month.

Yes, the writers of Scroggles! have been busy filling up the pages with quality and unique writings.  And while we've grown from a handful of writers in the beginning of S!Y1 to more than 20 writers there is always room for one more.

It's been wonderful to see so many fine writers pour out their creativity and expertise.  I have no doubt that the outstanding writing and blogging taking place on this site will not only continue but will also achieve new heights.

Thank you Scroggles! writers for making this a great year of reading, discussing and learning!

The Top 17 Posts of SY1 (Scroggles Year One) (in no particular order, selected by the writers themselves)