Fun facts about pets you need to know!


Well, let’s know about some interesting facts about pets! As much fun they can be, pets have some fascinating facts that make them even more amusing! And no matter how seasoned a pet-keeper you are, you won’t know quite a lot of these! Read on to improve your knowledge about pets!

  1. Cats can jump seven times their own height! And the best part? No matter where they jump from, they’ll always soft-land!
  2. There are about 78 million pet dogs currently residing in the United States!
  3. Larger parrots, such as macaws and cockatoos live more than 75 years! Fierce competition for the seniors in the house!
  4. Dogs can see a few colors too – blue, yellow, gray and green are the few colors which dogs can identify.
  5. He mental ability and capacity of most dogs is that of a two-year-old – no wonder they need to be tended to just like kids!
  6. Ferrets are the third most preferred pet animals in the United States.
  7. Just like us, cows too, have best friends! Moo-ing along together!
  8. Squirrels plant thousands of trees in their entire lifetime, guess how? By forgetting where they left the nuts, they had hidden some time back!
  9. Most of the hamsters blink only one eye at a time – a reason to keep a close watch on what your hamster is doing!
  10. Cats have five toes on each front paw and only four on each back paw respectively.
  11. A pack of kittens is called a ‘kindler’! And guess what a pack of adult cats is called? A clouder! Not a pack or anything!
  12. Just like humans, dogs too, opt for their preferred paw to do their tasks – either right or left.
  13. Dalmatians are born spotless, as white as snow – they develop the spots as they grow older!
  14. While playing together, male puppies will allow the female puppies to win – even if they are stronger them! Chivalrous little young men!
  15. Cats have a much better memory retention capacity than dogs – they can remember things for 16 hours as compared to the 5 minutes that dogs can!
  16. Goldfish – if well-taken care of and tended to can survive up to a whopping 40 years!
  17. Any given bird’s heart beats 400 times per minute when it is resting.

There you go – 17 interesting facts about the animals you pet!


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