Adds A Certain Perspective That Helps


Besides cleansing my life of the superfluous, I’ve been exceptionally productive. Church this morning, saying more goodbyes, lunch at a local favorite, a spin class, closet packing, and what is sure to be the highlight of my life until my fiance gets here in four days … the special features of my latest Netflix masterpiece: Everything you need to know about Beverly Hills 90210 Season 3.

While it’s true that I sat on my couch this night, eating chocolate chips (hey, I have to get rid of my perishable food items) and watching the old 90210 gang celebrate as the class of ’93, I had no idea that the special features would entertain me so. What’s better than watching Donna Martin eat pastries in France, or seeing her friends insure that she graduates? What’s more titillating than the love triangle between Dylan, Kelly and Brenda? What’s more attractive than David’s parachute pants or his vanilla ice moves? The behind the scenes look, with directors making fun of the characters and plot line. That’s what.

And that is all I have to say, because like my packed boxes, I’m cutting out the nonsense and leaving only the imperative.


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